Little Vid Goes to the Beach

Little Vid enjoyed our 10-day beach holiday almost as much as Kenny and I did, especially because we got to celebrate her namesake’s birthday in Kenya.

Little Vid at Kenyaways
Little Vid enjoying the beach at Kenyaways

Camel transport
A little French girl on the beach tried to steal Little Vid when she saw her perched on the camel’s head

House red
Enjoying a glass of the house red for Vidya’s birthday

Stone Town
Lounging on our rooftop deck in Stone Town

Enjoying a vegetarian lunch thali in Stone Town

Somewhere over the rainbow is Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar

Checking out the strange environs at Matemwe Beach, Zanzibar

As always, you can follow Little Vid’s adventures here.

The Cave


To celebrate Vid’s birthday last night, we had dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town – The Cave. The restaurant is set inside two chambers of a natural coral cave that is open to the sky. While mildly gimmicky, the setting is really interesting, and the tasteful lighting added to the romantic atmosphere.

We started off with some of the house red, which was a surprisingly good cabernet-shiraz. We tried to order a few things that we thought Vid would order if she were with us in person rather than just in spirit. For appetizers we had the soup of the day (cucumber-mint), and a goat cheese tart. The soup turned out to be hot, which was unexpected, but it was enjoyable with primary flavors of chicken broth and cucumber (I couldn’t detect the mint). The goat cheese tart tasted like a frozen quiche from Trader Joe’s. I like TJ’s, but at Seattle-level prices I was expecting (at least a smidge) better.

On to the main course, with higher prices and greater disappointments. Little Vid’s mushroom crepes tasted much better than their caterpillar-like presentation. They were very cheesy, with lots of mushrooms inside. While it reminded me of upscale diner food, it was still satisfying. Our “pan-seared catch of the day drizzled with homemade pesto” was a breaded and fried tasteless brick that was doused in green lines of goo. We couldn’t bring ourselves to finish it. Given the mediocre results for dinner, we passed on dessert, but fortunately we had already satisfied our sweet tooth with a pre-dinner scoop of mango-coconut ice cream at Kenyaways (as Vid would have done).

Overall, The Cave has nice atmosphere, and the bar area would be a lovely place to have a glass of wine. However you should plan on going elsewhere for dinner, as the food is forgettable and very expensive.

The Cave
The Cave’s main dining room

Mood lighting

Little Vid and her appetizer
Little Vid was also surprised by the average-ness of her appetizer

Little Vid and her main course
Main course: mushroom crepes

Forgettable fish
Veering away from the vegetarian side was not well-rewarded, this fish was terrible

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant (a.k.a. The Cave)
Diani, Kenya
+254 (0)40-320-2033

Little Vid does England

More Little Vid, this time in the UK. As always, you can follow her adventures here.

Ironically enough, we failed to snap any photos of our favorite rubber ducky in Bath. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I suppose we were still pretty jet-lagged at that point.

Little Vid at Stonehenge
Little Vid at Stonehenge

Little Vid meets Shalini
Little Vid meets regular Vid’s good friend Shalini, in London

Little Vid and the Elephant
Little Vid and an elephant of the Motherland

Little Vid and the Eye
Little Vid didn’t get a chance to ride the London Eye

Little Vid meets Big Ben
Little Vid meets Big Ben

Real Vid does Boston

Little Vid was taking some much needed R & R this week, but happily Real Vid met up with us in Boston for some of her own adventures.

Eating ice cream
Kicking off the weekend with ice cream at Toscanini’s

Enjoying dinner at Tu Y Yo
Excitement at Tu y Yo

Me and Vid
Happy to be hanging with Kenny

Happy brunch
Real Vid loves having Seema explain things to her

Waffle indulgence
Real Vid enjoys Chocolate-coconut waffles for breakfast

Early birthday cake
Vid’s birthday isn’t until August, but this was our only chance to celebrate together

Live from TPE

Here’s Lauren about to board our flight to SFO, with Little Vid and a mango we picked up in Chiang Mai this morning. We’ll see the real Vid in about 12 hours!

Heading out of TPE

Due to the magic of time zones, our flight out of Taipei leaves at 11PM tonight, and our connection in SFO also leaves for JFK at 11PM tonight. It’s going to be a long day…night…whatever it is.

Little Vid does Cambodia

Here are a few shots from Little Vid’s adventures in Cambodia. The full Little Vid archive is here.

Little Vid hanging out with her buddy Hanuman at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

Little Vid offering the nagas a temporary extra head

Little Vid standing guard over Kenny while he catches a quick nap at the National Museum in Phnom Penh

Little Vid does Vietnam

As always, the full set of Little Vid photos can be found here. Some of her recent adventures in Vietnam:

Little Vid looks for answers at the Well of Heavenly Clarity in the Temple of Literature, Hanoi

Little Vid finds a few friends in the Temple of Literature

Little Vid relaxing on the beach at Phu Quoc

Little Vid and Kenny both love long walks on the beach

Little Vid does Laos

Regular Vid was here back in 2004. Her avatar got to follow in her footsteps over 5 years later.

Little Vid keeping the Buddhas company at Wat Si Saket in Vientiane

Little Vid enjoying vegetarian dips at Tamarind in Luang Prabang

Cleaning up after the feast

Joining some mosaic friends on a walk through the mosaic forest at Wat Xiengthong in Luang Prabang

Little Vid does India

Little Vid sampling black currant ice cream at Le Cafe in Pondicherry

Little Vid relaxes in the shade of one of the monuments at the Five Rathas in Mahabalipuram. It was a scorching hot day.

Little Vid on Halloween in Bangalore. She was the only slacker who didn’t wear a costume.

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